Feb 28, 2009

The hearts are put away and now it's pink roses and green well on the bed at least.

Feb 16, 2009

I'm learning how to put pictures together for my blog!!! Next I will learn how to make a background and a collage for the header, how to make a slide show and add a music thing.
And I found really old music at the estate sale, 1935 and older, to use for scrapbooking or crafts. I hate to think of cutting them up.
These a some of the buttons I found on Friday. They are more beautiful in person since my camera skills are minimal. There are more colors but my battery needs charging now!

Dark blue, there were light and aqua also.
white, etc

There were very few duplications. It is so amazing how many different buttons there are.
I love them!!!

Feb 15, 2009

Vintage Children's Books online Free.

Feb 14, 2009


Here's my coffee cup. A simple ME version!
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